Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iOS4 for my iPOD!

salam hye guys

Its been like ages since the last time i updated this blog. Sorry guys, there's so many reasons that i can tell but i think thats no need(coz im fucking malas hakhak)........

So...back to the topic---->iOS4 For My iPOD

For those who know none about this iOS4, this is a new software for iPod Touch and of course for iPhone also. This freaking cool software only compatible for 2nd gen and 3rd gen 32gb and 64gb(8gb=bye2 hahaha) and for iPhone only available for iPhone4, if i not mistaken. Please check at APPLE official website.

I know bout this software from one of my friend. He using exactly the same model like me, the 3rd generation and MC model. Before this software created, we try many ways to jailbreaking this fucking MC model. Jailbreak allow us to download applications that suppose we have to buy but for free. i dont know how its works but its all about 3rd party applications. Meaning that, there is someone on other side of world had bought it then he or she share it. So, others can have the software for free. This is illegal and also can void the warranty. As far as i concern, there is no way available to jailbreak 3rd gen MC model iPod touch. So, we just use the applications that free at Apps store. For the record, paid apps is fucking expansive! The cheapest one is 0.99USD. Convert to ringgit malaysia, 0.99USD=RM3.50 approximately. Very very not affordable price and also the cheapest means just typical bored apps. No cool in it....

I just need to update my Ipod trough my iTunes account to get this cool software. But, the real challenge here is be able to enter the iTunes because USM<--my beloved=fucking university have block the site. So, i borrow my friend broadband, thanks to her(u know who u are) i can successfully download this software(even i need to wait for 4hrs). Here some of the screen shot, and what best bout this iOS4, i tell u later....

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