Thursday, December 23, 2010

15 Minutes Workout

1. Body Weight Squat

Stand straight with your feet is shoulder-width apart. Lower down your body by pushing your hip backward and at the same time bend your
knees until your tight is parallel with floor. Pause for about few second and slowly stand up back. The slower the better.

2. Judo Push-up

You start with normal push-up position but move feet w
ith hip-width apart and forward, raise your hip until your body will form upside down V. Lower your front body until your chin is about to touch the floor. Lower down your hip simultaneously with raising your head and shoulder toward ceiling. Reverse the exercise and back and forth.

3. Sprinter Sit-up

First lie on your back with your legs are straight and both of your arms at your side, keeps your elbow bending 90 degree. As you start the sit-up, twist your body to the left and brings your left knee towards right elbow. At the same time swing your left arm back. It will look like you are running but in sitting position. Lower your body to start position and repeat to your right.

Done all 3 exercises as much as you can in 15 minutes with 10 repetitions per exercise. As you gain your condition, increase the repetitions and decrease the rest.

Reference :Men'sHealth May 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iOS4 for my iPOD!

salam hye guys

Its been like ages since the last time i updated this blog. Sorry guys, there's so many reasons that i can tell but i think thats no need(coz im fucking malas hakhak)........

So...back to the topic---->iOS4 For My iPOD

For those who know none about this iOS4, this is a new software for iPod Touch and of course for iPhone also. This freaking cool software only compatible for 2nd gen and 3rd gen 32gb and 64gb(8gb=bye2 hahaha) and for iPhone only available for iPhone4, if i not mistaken. Please check at APPLE official website.

I know bout this software from one of my friend. He using exactly the same model like me, the 3rd generation and MC model. Before this software created, we try many ways to jailbreaking this fucking MC model. Jailbreak allow us to download applications that suppose we have to buy but for free. i dont know how its works but its all about 3rd party applications. Meaning that, there is someone on other side of world had bought it then he or she share it. So, others can have the software for free. This is illegal and also can void the warranty. As far as i concern, there is no way available to jailbreak 3rd gen MC model iPod touch. So, we just use the applications that free at Apps store. For the record, paid apps is fucking expansive! The cheapest one is 0.99USD. Convert to ringgit malaysia, 0.99USD=RM3.50 approximately. Very very not affordable price and also the cheapest means just typical bored apps. No cool in it....

I just need to update my Ipod trough my iTunes account to get this cool software. But, the real challenge here is be able to enter the iTunes because USM<--my beloved=fucking university have block the site. So, i borrow my friend broadband, thanks to her(u know who u are) i can successfully download this software(even i need to wait for 4hrs). Here some of the screen shot, and what best bout this iOS4, i tell u later....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010


salam hye guys

as stated above, i will share a lil bit about my incoming 'latihan industri' . as some of you all know, usm engineering students will undergo their industrial training during semester break before they enter 4th year. this industrial training is compulsory to all engineering student and grade will be given from our performance. it carry 5 credit hours(if i not mistaken but 4 sure more than 3).

my internship will start on 3rd of may(im working while most of us on holiday due to labor day leave that fall on saturday) and finish on 9th of july. it almost bout 10 weeks. it will be my 1st experience working in what i studying almost 3 years time.

we been given a semester to find a company that willing to employ us as their intern. our school also provide several places, bout 30 sumting out of 74 students. n actually i decide to find a company on my own so i start a bit earlier. during last semester study week, ive sent my resume to several company around selangor n kl. i try to find a place that i can just stay at home n by that i can deduct my rent expenses( n also can pow my mak if i dont have money huhu). the 1st try wasnt give any hope so ive sent the 2nd batch during the holiday. i keep waiting n waiting but neither of the company give a feedback. as the 2nd semester started, i met 1 of my lecturer that very familiar with this latihan industri n seek help from him. he is a very kind person, as i met him, he immediately contact one of his colleague and offer me a place. so. now my turn to follow up. as time being he comfirmed to take me as his intern at *** verbally . so he asked me to wait for the comfirmation latter from his jabatan. im waiting n keep waiting but you know what happened??? i get a REJECTION latter. and thing just get worsen coz i got that latter during my study week this semester. i dont know what to say but its really fuck me up(sory for the foul word) im in dilemma. i need to study 4 the exam and at the same time find a new place for my internship. u can feel what i feel that time right. my focus a lil bit converging. it just 3 weeks before i start the latihan. i just dont know where to apply, luckily ive some friends that help me to reapply for my internship(even i dont get any). its ok for me coz at least ive still have friends that concern what happen to me. and on top of that my akak n my mak also together facilitate me to find a place for me(i love both of them very much. whos me without them).

and finally, after all what happen to me, i manage to get 1 company willing to take as their intern. so this is the company details:

location of company: BUTTERWORTH
allowance: RM 500 ( its a good enough for me hehe)

yall know what, the best part wasnt the allowance but i can wear jeans to work huhu.....i bet if yall can wear jeans during internship hahaha it just my luck after all what happen 2 me.....but(for sure it has bad part) as i do my homework, according to what i read, this company is more into manufacturing process of pipe which means i cant see any part that relate to my studies. my senior once told me, 'if u wanna work on any particular field such as petroleum, u should start from latihan industri n follow by final year project that related to each other'.

mmmmm i set my mind 'if there notin relate my study, why they take me as their intern right, so theres must be sumtin that i i just wait n see. this monday will explain everything that bothering my mind right now......

p.s: its 3,49 in the morning and tomorrow i should wake up early to find the company location...can i???hahahahha


Thursday, April 29, 2010


salam hye guys.....

i just finish my examination last 2 days n fyi it was the worst ever!!!!! i never feel this stupid in my whole life. i dont know why i cant answer those question because that wasnt so tough. dont get me wrong, but you(my coursemate) know what im saying. some of the question had been revised in class and i dont know why i still cant answer those question. honestly, its a shame.

for this semester i sit for 4 papers in this final exam including plant safety, transport phenomena, downstream processing and reactor design. none of this 4 i can do the best. ive done my best, studying in library like everyday, burning midnight oil just for this exam but it still not enough!!! i hate myself right now(actually i hate my self for a long time) im sick and tired of all this. i need a break. i had enough.

you all know what, lately im always think to stop this madness by QUIT study. i just feel this course dont suit me or vise versa(its me the problem not the course). i realize this is stupid and for god sake it just a year before graduating. my future just fading away and i dont see anything bright wait for me. i used to have plan for future but it seem gone with the wind. fyi, during matriculation, im a biology student(i not plan to become a doctor but pharmacist yes) and i take this course(full of physic thing that im fucking stupid on) on my own will coz i thought i will learn about chemical substance/propertist and making new things with chemical. my thought just flew away when i came to the 1st class n dont understand a single shit the lecturer explaining in front.

but its ok, i take that as a challenge and my 1st sem result was not so bad(i think) even it far away from i should get.....i said 2 myself "owh its okay, this is new field for you and after this you should try even harder" as time being i manage to improve my pointer and fortunately i past above 3.00 due to last semester result.

that happiness wasnt long, problem came 2 me one after another(better i not wrote it down coz it wont end). im in pain but no one knows(i shouldnt wrote this). yet i push my self through all the obstacle.but still im in pain...

this semester examination just like big shiny knife on my throat. i knew my result wont make me happy but what should i do right, let by gone be by gone(it much easier to said than to face it).........

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i am a NOOB!!!!

i dont know how to start, it is my 1st post on my blog!!!! ok2, first of all, i got 2 reason why i create this blog, 1st, i think this is the only way i can express my feeling/opinion/view/mind/speculation bout everything happen around us generally and around me specifically....2nd, i want to improve my english. i will try my best to publish all my post in english. im not saying im very good in english(that why i said i wanna improve my english!!!) but when the last time you all write an essay in english?? you know yourself so for me doing this, i hope it will help me achieve my goal....

i been thinking for like hours just to get an idea what i should publish for my 1st post and actually during i wrote this i dont have any idea yet hahahaha

mmmm for a start let me introduced name is IR Chabal(for sure this is not my real name) i was born and raised in sg buloh selangor, my family still live there and im proud to be sg bulohian(is this right??whatever hehe) i am a student in chemical engineering and about 1 year time i will grad with B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering . for the record, i never dream that ill become an engineer but nobody's know the future right and so far i dont achieve anything big in my life......i only have my mak and my akak in my family(my abah was past away, i really miss him so much) i was so young when he leave 3 of us forever...... my mom is a nurse and my sister is a radiologist, my uncle said, if i further my study on medicine we could operate a hospital huhu what a joke, do i look like im a book geek???so as i said earlier, just 1 year left before i entering work life. i hope everything is just fine.

ive huge interest in sport and music. these 2 thing trigger my life,increase my adrenalin level up to the max. i just cant live without it. i hear almost all kind of music but no offense i dont like malay song. dont get me wrong...i dont know why, i just unlike it fullstop. i play rugby and i love to workout. its feel very satisfying when i sweat like hell......

mmmm i think this is enough for a stater(dont know what i should write more hehe) . again i remind you all, me just a newb so if anything juz leave a comment, its a pleasure to me.....last but not least MY PAGE MY RULE