Friday, April 30, 2010


salam hye guys

as stated above, i will share a lil bit about my incoming 'latihan industri' . as some of you all know, usm engineering students will undergo their industrial training during semester break before they enter 4th year. this industrial training is compulsory to all engineering student and grade will be given from our performance. it carry 5 credit hours(if i not mistaken but 4 sure more than 3).

my internship will start on 3rd of may(im working while most of us on holiday due to labor day leave that fall on saturday) and finish on 9th of july. it almost bout 10 weeks. it will be my 1st experience working in what i studying almost 3 years time.

we been given a semester to find a company that willing to employ us as their intern. our school also provide several places, bout 30 sumting out of 74 students. n actually i decide to find a company on my own so i start a bit earlier. during last semester study week, ive sent my resume to several company around selangor n kl. i try to find a place that i can just stay at home n by that i can deduct my rent expenses( n also can pow my mak if i dont have money huhu). the 1st try wasnt give any hope so ive sent the 2nd batch during the holiday. i keep waiting n waiting but neither of the company give a feedback. as the 2nd semester started, i met 1 of my lecturer that very familiar with this latihan industri n seek help from him. he is a very kind person, as i met him, he immediately contact one of his colleague and offer me a place. so. now my turn to follow up. as time being he comfirmed to take me as his intern at *** verbally . so he asked me to wait for the comfirmation latter from his jabatan. im waiting n keep waiting but you know what happened??? i get a REJECTION latter. and thing just get worsen coz i got that latter during my study week this semester. i dont know what to say but its really fuck me up(sory for the foul word) im in dilemma. i need to study 4 the exam and at the same time find a new place for my internship. u can feel what i feel that time right. my focus a lil bit converging. it just 3 weeks before i start the latihan. i just dont know where to apply, luckily ive some friends that help me to reapply for my internship(even i dont get any). its ok for me coz at least ive still have friends that concern what happen to me. and on top of that my akak n my mak also together facilitate me to find a place for me(i love both of them very much. whos me without them).

and finally, after all what happen to me, i manage to get 1 company willing to take as their intern. so this is the company details:

location of company: BUTTERWORTH
allowance: RM 500 ( its a good enough for me hehe)

yall know what, the best part wasnt the allowance but i can wear jeans to work huhu.....i bet if yall can wear jeans during internship hahaha it just my luck after all what happen 2 me.....but(for sure it has bad part) as i do my homework, according to what i read, this company is more into manufacturing process of pipe which means i cant see any part that relate to my studies. my senior once told me, 'if u wanna work on any particular field such as petroleum, u should start from latihan industri n follow by final year project that related to each other'.

mmmmm i set my mind 'if there notin relate my study, why they take me as their intern right, so theres must be sumtin that i i just wait n see. this monday will explain everything that bothering my mind right now......

p.s: its 3,49 in the morning and tomorrow i should wake up early to find the company location...can i???hahahahha