Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i am a NOOB!!!!

i dont know how to start, it is my 1st post on my blog!!!! ok2, first of all, i got 2 reason why i create this blog, 1st, i think this is the only way i can express my feeling/opinion/view/mind/speculation bout everything happen around us generally and around me specifically....2nd, i want to improve my english. i will try my best to publish all my post in english. im not saying im very good in english(that why i said i wanna improve my english!!!) but when the last time you all write an essay in english?? you know yourself so for me doing this, i hope it will help me achieve my goal....

i been thinking for like hours just to get an idea what i should publish for my 1st post and actually during i wrote this i dont have any idea yet hahahaha

mmmm for a start let me introduced name is IR Chabal(for sure this is not my real name) i was born and raised in sg buloh selangor, my family still live there and im proud to be sg bulohian(is this right??whatever hehe) i am a student in chemical engineering and about 1 year time i will grad with B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering . for the record, i never dream that ill become an engineer but nobody's know the future right and so far i dont achieve anything big in my life......i only have my mak and my akak in my family(my abah was past away, i really miss him so much) i was so young when he leave 3 of us forever...... my mom is a nurse and my sister is a radiologist, my uncle said, if i further my study on medicine we could operate a hospital huhu what a joke, do i look like im a book geek???so as i said earlier, just 1 year left before i entering work life. i hope everything is just fine.

ive huge interest in sport and music. these 2 thing trigger my life,increase my adrenalin level up to the max. i just cant live without it. i hear almost all kind of music but no offense i dont like malay song. dont get me wrong...i dont know why, i just unlike it fullstop. i play rugby and i love to workout. its feel very satisfying when i sweat like hell......

mmmm i think this is enough for a stater(dont know what i should write more hehe) . again i remind you all, me just a newb so if anything juz leave a comment, its a pleasure to me.....last but not least MY PAGE MY RULE

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