Thursday, December 23, 2010

15 Minutes Workout

1. Body Weight Squat

Stand straight with your feet is shoulder-width apart. Lower down your body by pushing your hip backward and at the same time bend your
knees until your tight is parallel with floor. Pause for about few second and slowly stand up back. The slower the better.

2. Judo Push-up

You start with normal push-up position but move feet w
ith hip-width apart and forward, raise your hip until your body will form upside down V. Lower your front body until your chin is about to touch the floor. Lower down your hip simultaneously with raising your head and shoulder toward ceiling. Reverse the exercise and back and forth.

3. Sprinter Sit-up

First lie on your back with your legs are straight and both of your arms at your side, keeps your elbow bending 90 degree. As you start the sit-up, twist your body to the left and brings your left knee towards right elbow. At the same time swing your left arm back. It will look like you are running but in sitting position. Lower your body to start position and repeat to your right.

Done all 3 exercises as much as you can in 15 minutes with 10 repetitions per exercise. As you gain your condition, increase the repetitions and decrease the rest.

Reference :Men'sHealth May 2010